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About The Christian Healing Center

White WIld Flowers
Board of Directors

Donna Slocum
Suzanne Carpenter
Timothy Slocum
Stephen Sandoval
Tom Moylan
Renee Anderson
Samantha Zollo

Pastoral Advisors
Rev. Gary Collette
Rev. Rob Woods

Our Purpose

The Christian Healing Center of New England offers opportunities for salvation, in-depth prayer, and the laying on of hands for physical healing. We offer training to Christians to aid in building the body of Christ through healing. We support pastors in the
surrounding area with the longer-term prayer care
that is often necessary to witness transformed lives
within their people. The Center is also planning to
offer nutritional education, life coaching, and recovery

Our Belief

We rely on the power of the Holy Spirit, so that we
might serve as vessels of God’s healing power. We
also affirm the value of the medical and counseling
fields since they are also ways in which God’s healing
power is manifested. Beyond medicine and human
means, we also believe God can work miracles of
healing through Jesus Christ and we see this as part
of His role as Savior.

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