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Ministering to people seeking healing

through prayer.

James 5:14

Christian Healing Center

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Healing Prayer

Healing prayer ministers help prayer recipients discover and lift to God those broken areas in their lives that need healing.

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Healing Center

Holding Hands

School of

Healing Prayer

This is a comprehensive program designed to train individuals, church andprayer groups for the ministry of healing.

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We Listen, Love, and Pray!

The Christian Healing Center is a safe, confidential atmosphere where healing can be found. Our services are open to all who seek healing prayer in the name of Jesus Christ.


“In my healing sessions, God did so many things so fast I couldn’t possibly name them all but here are a few: inner vows broken, generational curses broken, memories healed, bitter root judgments and occult activities renounced, unholy unions broken, and more. God has been working in me and my family, drawing us all near to Him...God has done so much in my life, it’s amazing. I really am a different person. I think differently, react differently and pray differently. Healing prayer; what a blessing!”

“The pain I had suffered with for months, in my back, was relieved after the first session and completely gone by the second. I could feel the Holy Spirit move through me and the prayer ministers...They also guided me through healing of past emotional pain. Gently, patiently they helped me release strongholds and guided me
closer to Jesus.”

“I started to have problems, some physical and some emotional. I called for some prayer and
met with two people. They helped me go back into my childhood memories to remember what happened to me and to bring them out into the
open. It helped to pray and release them, and now I am free of their hold on me. Without the
prayer team, I would not have been able to do this by myself. I thank them for helping me and I
thank God too.”

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